Grady Ranch 100% Grass Fed Beef

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200 Grady Ranch Lane , Whigham, GA 39897
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Our story begins at the end of WWII when Captain Glynn West returned home from service to Hopeful, Georgia. He took the farm land he had been left by his father and started a dairy. He married, had five children, and fostered a love for the country life in all of them. Glynn eventually purchased a second farm in Grady County (circa 1970), giving birth to Grady Ranch and its name. Glynn’s oldest son stayed at home to help with the Hopeful farm (West Haven), while younger brother Bill West and son-in-law Bob Holden came to Grady Ranch to work. A dairy was established here, and with such lush pastures, Bill and Bob utilized an open grazing plan with rotational grazing from the beginning. Bob’s son Bobby came back to the farm in the early 1990’s after graduating from the University of Georgia’s School of Agriculture. The three worked together side by side until 2011, when Bob decided to retire. It was at this time Bill and Bobby collaborated and looked for a change. With the incredible pastures and Bill and Bobby’s combined knowledge of cows and forage, they decided to trade in their milk cows and raise totally grass-fed beef. In 2012, the first Black Angus cattle arrived on the farm and they have been thriving here ever since. The cattle are raised with a particular focus on quality and flavor using only grasses, resulting in a great tasting beef, free of antibiotics, added hormones, and grain. It is a family affair with both wives and children participating in the business. The next generation is being groomed as well, with Bobby’s oldest son Ben now working on the farm, after receiving his degree in Agriculture from UGA-Tifton. We are pleased and honored to share with you our story and our beef.