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The need for experience within a sales process is very crucial, especially in a highly competitive environment. Most companies are under the impression that this is a costly endeavor. This impression stems from the high price salaries of a highly experienced sales professional and the fact that you would need multiple people of that caliber. 

So many companies have opted for a different approach, and that is hiring less experienced people and train them and accept lower results. This approach addresses the budget but does little to address the immediate need for experience in sales campaigns.

FHS Associates has created a unique contributor-mentor implementation model when providing its services augmenting your existing revenue engine with hands-on participation and mentoring where needed. This model has several benefits for both the startup or the well-established company. FHS Associates brings to its implementation a formalized methodology that drives success for the company as well as success for the individual. Contributor-mentor offers a dynamic video conference environment allowing all members of your team to get face time with our experts and eliminate travel delays and expenses. This approach also allows our team to participate in critical internal meetings without travel expenses, and if the situation requires, we can attend a face-to-face client meeting. 

FHS Associates’ contributor-mentor concentrates on consistency within each customer interaction. The eight success factors that accompany the contributor-mentor model   

(Client Personas, Client Buyer Criteria, Comprehensive Relationships, Competitive Analysis, Value Proposition Calculation, Presentation Completeness, Business Qualification, and Sales Process) ensures that consistency. Each step of a client interaction must follow a strategy that promotes your companies benefit while addressing the client’s needs and the agendas of each of the buying members from your client. 

By utilizing a contributor-mentor, focus on the overall message, and vital elements of success are reviewed and modified throughout the client interaction. You are creating a sustainable discipline within your company sales process, heightening your company’s competitiveness while teaching all company participants the power of working as a team.   #ContributorMentor

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