Countdown To The Upon These Rocks CRUSADER CONGRESS

May 13-15, arnaudeville, LA

May 13, 14 & a5

Arnaudville), LOUISIANA


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The 1st Annual Upon These Rocks - CRUSADER CONGRESS' Compleat Itinerary

Friday - April 30th

6:00 am - Mike Church Show LIVE! Covington Firehouse Event Center
9:00 am - Barrett Brief LIVE! Covington Firehouse Event Center
NOON - (Optional) Lunch at Abita Brewpub (this event is NOT covered by Congress admission fees)
2:00pm - Event setup, all volunteers on deck. Covington Firehouse Event Center
4:00pm - First check-in for delegates and guests, The Seiler Bar, Covington, Louisiana.  Cajun seafood & appetizer buffet; entertainment by Pierre Simoneaux & Family!

Saturday - May 1st

6:00am - (optional) Holy Mass said by Fr. Taj Glodd - Reagan Park Amphitheater
6:50am - (optional)Rosary procession with CRUSADER Knights of the Holy Rosary Covington Trailhead-Reagan Park, 1st Saturday blessing-Fr. Taj Glodd
7:30am - FINAL Camera Setup and soundcheck crew
8:00am - New Orleans style breakfast with beignets, Cafe au lait, Cajun biscuits and sausage gravy and much more!
8:30am - VIDEO PRE-RECORDED - "Why Building New Christian Communities Is The Only Way Forward” - by Dr. G.C. Dilsaver
9:00am - Opening Prayers - Fr. Taj Glodd
9:10am - Call of The Roll & Presentation of Colors by Kingdom (Tim Williams, The New Christendom Congress's Sgt. at Arms)
9:45am - Introduction and Welcome - Mike Church “Its Not A Coincidence We’re Meeting on May 1st-St. Joseph The Worker’s Day!”
10:30am - Coffee break - Social
11:00am - Lesson 1 with Brother André Marie “Laying The Groundwork - What Are The Building Blocks of The New Christendom?”
NOON - Regina caeli (O Queen of Heaven)
NOON - CAJUN LUNCH with James Matthew Wilson “The Restoration of The Fine Arts Is a THING, Now!" (pre-recorded video) and Mike Church “The Noble, Catholic Dignity of The Acadians and Vendee” (pre-recorded).
1:00pm - Introducing The New Christendom Trades and Business Directory with Joy McConnell.
1:15pm - Lesson 2 - The Practical Guide To Using Solar Power - Richard Barrett
2:00pm - WORKSHOP 1 - Divide the room into 5 groups of 15 “nobles”, their task: Create a unified “Kingdom” that contains 3 building blocks 1. A Religious order & town Church with names, locations etc. 2. A Civil order i.e a government, who makes it up, how they are elected or chosen. 3. A Familial/practical order with its powers, entities etc. (this is part 1 of 3 workshops on this topic)!
2:45pm  - LESSON 3 - “Why True Money Must Be Restored in The New Christendom and How to Do It.” with David Simpson.
3:45pm - Coffee/beverage/snack break, social.
4:00 pm - KEYNOTE, LESSON 3 - Chris Ferrara “The Folly of ‘Reforming’ Electoral Politics & What Can Replace Them!”
5:00 - Closing prayers, Day 1.
5:00 - Wine and hors d’evouvres from The New Christendom’s several kingdoms - hosted by “The Farmer” Mister Dan Mundy.
8:00 - (Optional Cajun steak dinner at Keith Young’s Steakhouse, Madisonville, LA.)

Sunday - May 2nd

8:30am - (optional-Rosary at OLMC)
9:00am - (optional, Holy Mass at OLMC)
11:00am - Day 2 opening prayers - Fr. Taj Glodd.
11:15am - Gumbo and pot luck spread lunch
NOON - Regina Cæli
Noon - Day 2 Introduction by Mike Church “Why Numbers Do Not Concern The New Christendom’s Efforts!”
Noon:30 - LESSON 5 - Practical Homesteading & Farming with Brian Koch and Dan Munday.
1:30pm - Lesson 6 - Brother André Marie “The Eighth Plank - Practical Application of The New Christendom Life In The Kingdom.”
2:30pm - Entertainment - The Theology of Sci-Fi: The Christian’s Guide to the Galaxy. With The Catholic Nerd, Scott Smith!
3:00pm - Break
3:15pm - WORKSHOP 3 - Reconvene the 5 groups from Saturday and plan final presentation of your kingdom.
3:45pm - The New Christendom Congress convenes for roll-call, quorum, then presentation of kingdom's workshops and presentation of motions.
4:30pm - Final prayers, Fr. Taj Glodd. Adjournment, sine die.

Why Attend The CRUSADER Congress?

"It does not take a majority to prevail . . . but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of [Christendom] in the minds of men." - Samuel Adams

Most men today, reared on the a lifetime of the "exceptionalism" of the 'Murican System, will have never considered the current electoral "system" is not "the last, best hope on Earth"; yet the Christian man should know that the "last, best hope" is Christ and his social kingship. While it may be true that if the 'Murican System were placed under Christ's loving authority it could produce a form of Christendom, barring Divine intervention, this is highly unlikely to occur among 330 million souls. What The CONGRESS aims to teach and then begin acting upon are the building blocks of that social kingship: Family, Faith and Fraternity.

What You’ll Learn - 3 Action Items


Begin efforts to remove kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews etc. from all public and (co-opted) private schools to place them in homeschools or homeschool hybrids or non-co-opted private schools. This is a “negative” action, but it can take positive form if our Crusader Knights become homeschool teachers, teachers/coaches at homeschool hybrids, supporters of alternative education outfits and promoters of “good” schools. If our first obligation is to “know God”, then we must reconstruct education so that it teaches to that end.


Formation of one’s own prayer group (Rosary rally group, League of St. Martin, Latin Mass Society, etc.) from which the graces will flow for further actionable items. We ought to each form a group (or enroll our existing ones) into this coalition, count the membership and make it a goal to have more “chapters” and more members at next year’s conference. The CRUSADER Knights of The Holy Rosary is one such group.


Be intentional about our spending and support the good guys as often as we are able. These expenses could be for food, hardware, medical care, entertainment etc. Anyway, the goal of the Crusader Knight would be to move 10% or more of that spending to affiliated (or local producers of good-will). We would want to report back our efforts, successes, failures and reasons for failure, so that we could try to INCREASE and IMPROVE our spending within our circle.


Mike Church

Founder - The CRUSADER Knights, The CRUSADE Channel & The New Christendom Congress

about the host

For 29 Years, Mike "The KingDude" Church has been informing, entertaining and inspiring radio listeners across the globe. After 13 years as anchor of The SiriusXM Patriot Channel, Mike left to found The CRUSADE Channel and has directed over six, new successful radio shows including The Barrett Brief, Brother André Marie's Reconquest, David Simpson's True Money Show, Greg "JunkBond" Carpenter's Reverse Deception and the UK based "Fiorella Files" and "5 Minute Mysteries".

David Simpson

Co-Founder Veritas Radio Network

about the host

David Simpson is a "recovering lawyer" and founder of The Fiscal Fitness Company, a traditional, non-usury based investment firm. In 2008 David ran for The U.S. House of Representatives and in that campaign, was interviewed by Mike Church and the two have been best friends and now co-conspirators for The New Christendom ever since!

Registration Fees For The CRUSADER Congress

Registration is being received by the non-profit Mysterium Fideii of Southeast Louisiana, is a 501(c)3.


Friday MCS, Early Reservation Party, only. (Kids under the age of knighthood are FREE!!!)




saturday only

Saturday's Congress, Breakfast, Lunch & Dan Mundy Hospitality Reception. (Kids under the age of knighthood are FREE!!!)






Where To Stay?

Town and Country Inn

We have reserved 20 rooms at a special discounted rate. Discount registration ends on March 26th!

Stay With 1 of Our Sponsor Families

There are a small number of rooms available at the homes of some of our local member family's homes. Email us your details & we'll try and find you a match!

Local B&B's Are Available

We do NOT do any business with LGBTQ+++ tyrants at Air B-n-B but there are local B&B's available through the Louisiana Dept. of Tourism & Travel!

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