The CRUSADER Knight Investment Club!

Our investment club is seeking 100 Crusaders to invest $5,000 each so we will have $500,000 as seed money for our great undertaking. I have stated that we WILL LAUNCH the investment club if we get to half of that goal, 50 contributors.  As of tonight, we stand at 43!!! Seven more and we will launch the club.  If you know any Crusaders who might want to join us, please pass along some information to them.  Perhaps, my speech at the Crusader Congress would give them some insight on what we intend.  That speech is here.

The first thing to address is how the money will be “invested”.  I have attached the “purpose statement” of the club, what we will be seeking and how we will go about it.  This is a short document, so I will flesh out more specifics now.  There will be 4 areas where the money will be put to use.

  • 10% of the fund ($50k if we reach the total of $500k) will be invested in much the same way you currently invest, that is in market assets, mutual funds, stocks, bonds etc. and seeking long-term growth of capital.
  • 10% of the fund will be held in cash with the intention of making micro-loans, probably no more than $10k to any one CLUB MEMBER, in a non-usurious manner, but which will make our “cash” productive.
  • 20% of the fund will be held in hard currency, gold and silver bullion, utilizing the “swapping” idea that Franklin Sanders advocates.
  • 60% of the fund will be managed by our own “shark tank” board,  who will review applications by members for investment (or loans) to help START (or enhance) a CRUSADER ENTERPRISE.

The investment club fund will be managed by me, in conjunction with the other board members.

In future emails, I will discuss further each individual segment of the fund, the person or board that will oversee those areas, the fees associated with management and who will receive those fees.    There is still much work to be done, like setting up the legal entity that will house the Crusader Investment Club, but since we are so close to the minimum “launch” number, I thought I would make this initial announcement.  While I have no set time to have the Investment Club active, it appears it will be sooner rather than later.  In short, stay tuned….