The CONGRESS Was A Smashing Success, Let’s Build Upon It!

04 May, 2021



Well, THEY did it! St Joseph and our Blessed Lady’s gentle yet wise guiding hands, led us through all the events of the 1st ever, Upon These Rocks CRUSADER Congress! I pray that by Sunday’s ending quorum and Council, quite possibly the only one of its kind since the NRA councils of the 1860’s, you we’re able to see through the fog of doubt our elite ruling masters spins for the malleable rubes they propagandize and subjugate i.e. nothing can be done but to work “inside the system …for reform” and to continue “voting, hoping and coping”. With your own eyes you saw that it is possible to responsibly step outside their “system” and begin to restore the building blocks of the former systems of Christendom and choose a government that honors God’s rights under Christ our King.

To recap:

There were 5 “councils” formed of approximately 15 members each.

A “system” of government was chosen by each.

A legislative act was offered for the consideration of the whole Congress from each of the 5 “councils”.

Two of those acts were carried by great majorities of the whole quorum!

The Congress was then asked to hear my motion that we convene again “on the first Saturday and Sunday of November, next”.

This was seconded and passed unanimously.

We adjourned sine die (without days).

These acts, which I ask the respective councils, copied herein, to remit in writing so they become part of the Congress’s published record, are the first legislative actions taken by Catholic Christians as Christians to restore Christianity’s moral laws on this continent since the SCOTUS begin making the practice illegal in the 1950’s. The last decade’s RFRA’s were benign attempts not made under God’s laws but by an ersatz “authority” of “we the people”, they have all failed to withstand Mordor’s courts, cowards as legislators and diabolical assaults by corporations. Our acts are different for they “legislate” beyond these entity’s control; inside the kingdom of each family.

I suggest a few action items for all of you to consider to keep the Congress’s work and momentum going!

1. Help us to form a Committee of Style and Substance to draft a brief and final report & Summary of The Upon These Rocks CRUSADER Congress. This will be submitted electronically for all of your approbation. I propose a Committee of 5, you can volunteer by responding to this note.

2. Consider becoming a CRUSADER Knight by signing up here. Knights are needed to help restore chivalry in our local affairs by their very presence and vows of honour. I will need a Council of Knights to help drat our “rule” and lead/train other men into knighthood. If you would like to join this “Round Table” and can commit some time to this endeavor, respond to this note.

3. Begin recruiting other delegates for your own local Councils because remember, ours was just the first of many Congresses and that government in its best form is enacted by the people it affects directly.

4. Volunteer to lead men – CRUSADER Knights – on First Saturday Rosary marches in your kingdoms. Fr. Lawrence Carney has organized the “Leagues of St. Martin” for just such actions. We will ask Father to address a future Congress personally. Meantime we will provide as much info as we can on his worthy Apostolate!

5. Fill up the Upon These Rocks Business and Trade Directory!!! There is no greater tool at our disposal, to support and build up the vocational Good, True and Beautiful than the Directory! Eneter every worthy entity in it and make sure you share it with everyone you know to drive as much commerce away from the enemy and to men and women of Good Will.

6. PRAY. If you’re Catholic, pray the Rosary everyday and offer the CRUSADER Knight intentions if you have time, find them here.

It was a privilege and honor to meet and Congress with you all I know all of you join me in saying “I can’t wait til next CONGRESS”!!


-Mike Church, KingLandia

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