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CRUSADER Knights, Delegates & Countesses!

Its’ been almost two weeks since our CONGRESS convened and just as we had promised it was NOT a “conference” it was instead a hands on deliberative body that actually acted and laid the 1st “Construction Stones” on top of the Cornerstone. It was the honor of my meager life to serve as the co-Grandmaster and I pray our delegates were encouraged and animated by our efforts….bier bier!

The Congress produced several actionable items I wish to revisit with you, update you on them and then move to some new business.

1. The CONGRESS split into 5 bodies of 15 Delegates each and at the end of their second “council” submitted “acts” that were debated and then voted on. TWO of those acts passed the CONGRESS. The first was an Act to make any judiciaries that are formed in the future subject to recall and removal with set terms (NO “lifetime” appointments)! The second was an act to secure each kingdom with a self funded and staffed militia where every eligible male over the age of Christian consent was REQUIRED to serve. These “acts” aren’t binding but do serve to show taht some general consensus can be reached on simple, self-governing measures!

2. I made a motion that a “second CONGRESS be convened on the “1st Friday of November, next and meantime to work on fortifying our kingdoms while expanding relations with each other.” This passed unanimously and thus our next meeting with a time & place TBD, is set!

These “acts” serve several purposes, the least of which is to establish a “sense of the CONGRESS” and the greater is to set a living precedent that Men and Women of Good Will can meet and act under The Social Kingship of Christ in an official capacity for our mutual benefit. I cannot stress enough the importance of this providential development. Place yourself in Independence Hall in the Summer of 1774, think and pray upon it and I am certain you will agree.


Co-Grandmaster David Simpson gave a talk that was specific in its purpose and Call To Action (CTA): evaluate the current morass of usury and theft we are told to call “the economy” and chart a way forward without it while keeping in line with the Social Kingship of Christ. To taht end David proposed an “investment club” and challenged delegates to become charter investors. You can read David’s entire first newsletter on the club here. Here’s an excerpt.

Our investment club is seeking 100 Crusaders to invest $5,000 each so we will have $500,000 as seed money for our great undertaking. I have stated that we WILL LAUNCH the investment club if we get to half of that goal, 50 contributors. As of tonight, we stand at 43!!! Seven more and we will launch the club. If you know any Crusaders who might want to join us, please pass along some information to them. Perhaps, my speech at the Crusader Congress would give them some insight on what we intend.

On the May 19th, 2021 True Money Show on The CRUSADE Channel, David will make another major announcement on The Club, I pray you all make an effort to listen between 3 and 5:00p.m. Central time!

I call upon all current CRUSADER Knights (signup for that list here) to begin making plans for a country-wide 1st Saturday Rosary March, Saturday June 5th. The format for the march is simple and I will send some basic guidance for that soon. Basically pick an area where you can “march” together saying the 3 Rosary mysteries together and out loud I also call on all Knights to make the preceding Wednesday a day of fasting & prayer for all Knights, this Committee, our families and our fellow citizens in and out of government and or institutional power. The ‘Murican Founding Fathers called for several days of fasting and prayer in 1776, here is a snippet of the proclamation from 16 March, 1776.

In CONGRESS, SATURDAY, March 16, 1776.

IN times of impending calamity and distress; when the Liberties of America are imminently endangered by the secret machinations and open assaults of an insidious and vindictive Administration, it becomes the indispensible duty of these hitherto free and happy Colonies, with true penitence of heart, and the most reverent devotion, publickly to acknowledge the over ruling providence of God; to confess and deplore our offences against him; and to supplicate his interposition for averting the threatened danger, and prospering our strenuous efforts in the cause of Freedom, Virtue and Posterity.

It is true, we can quibble over their not-so Christian motives, but the general concept is a sound one and backed up the history of Christendom as these days are credited with sparing Europe from the murderous invasions of the Mohammedans on at least 2 famous occasions, Lepanto and the Siege of Vienna. I challenge you to become sentinels of Truth in your own communities and work to encourage other Men and Women of Good Will to reject the diabolical machinations we are surrounded by. Gentlemen, remember you are all Knights and comport yourselves as such. It doesn’t take much to stand out in this regard: humility, dignity in dress and speech and outward signs of Christian piety e.g. praying out loud, together before meals in crowded taverns …bier bier!

To that end, please view and learn the CRUSADER Knight prayer for Vocations which you can see and if you wish, purchase here (buy extras and pass them out as your “business card”!).

If you missed the CONGRESS and wish to watch the presentations, they are available for sale here and we encourage you to share those with your communities as well.

God bless and the Holy Family Keep you!

Mike “The KingDude” Church