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Whitehurst Heritage Farms is owned and operated by Michael and Leslie Marchand and our children. We started the farm on leased land near our home in Cypress, Texas in 2014. We moved the farm operation in 2017 to land that we purchased near Brenham. Michael and Leslie were each raised with a respect and appreciation for our agricultural heritage in America. Together, along with our children, we decided to return to our roots and raise animals and plants the way that we learned from our grandparents. Each of our kids has a product named after them: Thomas’ Turkeys, Marisa’s Pastured Eggs, Christian’s Chickens, and Olivia’s Forested Pork.

Whitehurst Farms uses rotational grazing and organic practices to raise chickens, eggs, turkeys and hogs in a way that mimics animals’ natural patterns in nature. We believe in complete transparency in our artisan methods and how we care for our animals.

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