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629 Krenek-Stryk Rd. S , Schulenburg, Texas 78956
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We are a family-run dairy farm located among the rolling hills and live oak trees on the outskirts of Schulenburg, Texas. That’s where some of the freshest milk is produced and the best cheese in the world is packaged. Bob and Darlene Stryk own and operate both Stryk Jersey Farm and Strykly Texas Cheese.

If you have ever driven down Interstate 10 between Houston and San Antonio, you probably remember passing through Schulenburg.  It is a small farming town populated mostly by descendents of Czech and German immigrants.  Schulenburg, like most Texas towns is a friendly place where people meet to share stories and good food.

Familiar Czech recipes include kolaches, sausage rolls and many other pastries, which are rich in flavor because they use lots of milk, butter, and cheese. That is probably one reason that dairies are always popular in Czech communities.  Schulenburg is no exception with several dairies in the area.  About eight miles west of Schulenburg, nestled in the rolling hills south of Interstate 10, just past the Engle exit, you’ll find Stryk Jersey Farm.

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