St. Basil Academy

Detailed Information

I can provide private tutoring or teaching for boys/girls in grades 6-12 in the following subjects:

Algebra 1

Currently, I teach all of my students virtually. Although virtual teaching necessarily lacks some of the human elements of in-person teaching, I have found that it is still very effective for the student, not only for understanding the material, but also for motivating him, helping him to be responsible, and giving him the one-on-one attention that every young person needs. This method of teaching also permits us to circumvent any Covid-related restrictions.

Curriculum Vitae:
1. Middle school teacher and temporary vice principal at Padre Pio Academy in Ridgefield, CT
2. Part-time religion and catechism teacher at St. Thomas More Academy in Sanford, FL
3. Studied four years at St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary, SSPX
4. B.A. Economics: Kansas State University, magna cum laude
5. A.A. Liberal Arts: St. Mary’s College, cum laude