Missal & Breviary Covers, Custom Embroidery

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Missals and breviaries are expensive, and are notorious for becoming tattered from use. The answer? Protect your missal or breviary from wear and tear with a sturdy, beautifully embroidered, personalized vinyl cover. Most of us wouldn’t carry our cell phone without a case on it. How much more important is it that we preserve the treasured books of our Faith? Perhaps you have an old missal or Liber that has a worn, torn, or taped up cover? Slide it into one of these stunning covers and your book is better than new! The zipper closure keeps your holy cards and papers safely inside while protecting the page edges from being bent or drenched from rain. The zipper stops at the base of the spine leaving an opening which allows your ribbon bookmarks to hang freely. Every order is a custom order! Each cover is crafted with high quality materials according to your book’s measurements and specifications. These covers can be made to fit nearly ANY book. Extend the life of your missal, Bible, Breviary, Liber, Magnificat, child’s missal, or favorite prayer book. Order one today! Custom embroidery work available upon request.

Price Range
$30.00 to $100.00