Domi Nostrae Farm

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9789 Hunter Ln , Petersburg, PA 16669
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My wife and I run our own small farm.  We raise heritage breed hogs in a pasture based system with minimal purchased feed. Sometimes, especially during the farrowing times and leaner times of the year, purchasing feed from a local feed mill is a must.  We also raise a few beef a year for ourselves as well as to sell any extra. This started off as just a way to raise our own food and has morphed into some very satisfied repeat customers. My wife has a Masters in Animal Science and I have learned all that I know from experience. We have horses, chickens for egg production, rabbits for meat production, maple trees for syrup production. Our oldest daughter is a big helper, our son and unborn daughter are not yet able to really help.

Our animals are all butchered at a local butcher, one of the last around our area that is USDA certified. A family owned and run operation that has really been a pleasure to work with.

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