BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy for Humans and Horses

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BEMER is an FDA Class II cleared Powered Muscle Stimulator consumer medical device.  During an 8-minute session, BEMER applications send a low level electromagnetic field throughout the body in order to safely increase blood flow,

resulting in improved disbursement of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, while more efficiently eliminating waste.

BEMER is basically a wireless recharger for the intrinsic rhythm within microvascular system throughout all tissues in the body.

BEMER helps users by supporting natural enhanced athletic performance and post exercise recovery, with just two daily 8 minute sessions in the home or at a sports, wellness, medical spa, or therapy facility.  Using BEMER at home twice daily, as well the benefit of the overnight sleep program, has improved countless lives since 1998.   Over a million BEMER units are in use globally, including over 8000 clinics and 4000 hospitals in Europe.  

As a business opportunity,  BEMER sessions are a great service to offer at athletic and wellness facilities for clients, either with or without being an independent business distributor.

The improvements reported by BEMER owners with twice daily BEMER use include improved mental clarity, energy, athletic performance and recovery, with reduction in DISCOMFORT, post exertion muscle fatigue.  In addition to these benefits, the improvement in sleep quality and stamina experienced continue with only two daily 8 minute sessions at home. 

Following retirement from my neurosurgery career almost 8 years ago, my energy and health were still declining, in spite of the reduction in external physical stresses from decades of unrelenting irregular work hours.

After using my BEMER for the past 4 years, my circulation, sleep, energy level, elimination, and exercise performance have improved to a greater level than they were over 20 years ago!  No longer do I dread the concerns

The of a progressive decline of healthy life quality that was previously attributed to aging.

BEMER supports my sustainable wellness and is an important addition to everyone’s daily wellness routines.  Maintain better circulation to achieve better health to live your best life with BEMER.


Dr. Berka, medical director for BEMER Group USA, narrates this Microcirculation video recording which demonstrated the BEMER device effect supporting improved circulation.  It was filmed of the outer surface of the colon in a human volunteer with a chronic stress condition.  Blood flow video:

The physiology of microvascular vasomotion affected by the BEMER technology inspired me to prepare a presentation on this essential aspect of tissue perfusion and drainage.   Physicians for Ancestral Health 1/25/2019 presentation of microvascular vasomotion by Dr. Daria Schooler:

This link is to the 8 minute video demonstrating the important benefits of BEMER use for athletes and people of all ages, activity levels, and lifestyles.  BEMER 8 minute video:

How I BEMER my water:

My home telephone number is 812-342-8450, and mobile is 812-343-0098.  

Looking forward to speaking with you soon!

Blessings of Health and Happiness,

Daria Schooler, R.Ph., M.D.

Independent BEMER Distributor since 2017

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