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You missed out!

Announcing, CRUSADER Congress 2.0 "Fellowship of The Clans!

In Arnaudville, Louisiana!

WHEN: Friday May 13 - Sunday May 15th, 2022

WHERE: We will Congress at the new, Mater Dolorosa TLM Center in Arnaudville, LA, minutes from historic and beautiful Grand Couteau and 20 minutes from Lafayette, LA! Arnaudville is nestled in the heart of French-Catholic Acadiana aka Cajun Country.

WHAT: Our theme this year is "The Fellowship of The Clans". Now that there are thousands of families across the U.S. making the Social Kingship of Christ the center of their family life AND withdrawing their consent of industrial-modern 'Muricah, we meet to help form deeper connections, family to family to help grow and unify them in Solidarity.

Let's learn some Cajun!

Here's how to say Arnaudville like a true Cajun.


And just WHERE is 'dat Are-node-VEAL in Louisiana, cher!? Dey map beeLOW will done show you, cher!


(click the vacancy sign, cher!)


"The difference between this Congress and the CIC is that this one is actually about getting off your butt and doing something instead of just feeling good about being around like-minded people."

Keith Jones Congress 1.0 attendee

The principal aim of the CRUSADER Knight Congress is to bring CRUSADERS together to personally meet, get to know each other and learn basic concepts and action items to help organize and fight for the Christian/Catholic communities we want to live in i.e. "The New Christendom". There's no "cancel culture" nonsense welcome here. We call the Cult of Death's, cult of cancel and raise them a Speedy Gonzales and & Pepe Lépew!

CRUSADER Congress Presenters

Mike Church

David Simpson

Dr. G.C. Dilsaver

Carrie Gress

Brother André Marie

Many more TBA including our Master Farmers & Other Craftsmen

"it depends on the Christians of a particular generation, both individually and corporately, whether this source of spiritual energy is brought into contact with the life of humanity and the needs of contemporary society."

- Christopher Dawson

CRUSADER Congress Agenda

Our 3 Day Congress will combine elements of timely rhetoric; hands on instruction workshops and exercises in establishing an esprit de corps among knights & maidens!

Objection: "But, we have a Congress, and they've just lost their way since Trump and besides they're 'our friends on the other side of the aisle'!"

Answer: No we don't and no they aren't! As St Thomas Aquinas wrote. 

"Human law is law only by virtue of its accordance with right reason; and thus it is manifest that it flows from the eternal law. And in so far as it deviates from right reason it is called an unjust law; in such case it is no law at all, but rather a species of violence." - St. Thomas Aquinas

Friday, 13 May

Join us for a LIVE! Mike Church Show Broadcast to begin Day 1 followed by a local Louisiana lunch break (not included in fees). Early registration begins at 4pm at the wonderful, local Cajun Diner: Brent's Big Hill Cafe in beautiful Grand Couteaux home of a famous miracle of Saint John Berchman!

Saturday morning, 14 May, The Presentation of Colors

Our day begins with an optional Latin Mass at 6am followed by a CRUSADER Knight, short Rosary march. Breakfast & registration begins at 8:00am and our soon to be legendary, Presentation of Colors from...

Cajun Lunch service with special guest speaker: TBA

...TBA lunch service from Brent's Big Hill Café.

Saturday Evening Crawfish Boil & LIVE! Cajun Music by a local family (TBA)!

Not some weak, yankee impersonation made with Old Bay and 2 dashes of salt, a REAL, spicy, Acadiana Crawfish Boil with all the traditional fixin's. Musical entertainment provided by a local, very Cajun and very talented family!

"The Colonial Committees of Correspondence of 1772-74, in a mere 2 years, inspired enough patriots to explore the challenge recalled above by John Adams and actually call forth, then attend the 1st and 2nd Continental Congresses. From those bodies and the army they formed would come nearly every signer of the Declaration of Independence; over half of the delegates to the Great Convention of 1787 and the first 5 'Murican Presidents: Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison and Monroe."

good kings & queens not by birth but by the grace of god!

We are ruled by evil blasphemers because that's what the culture of the current union, in its fallen state, produces. Arresting this descent outside our homes is a fool's errand but building new communities from the foundation of good, Christian families is entirely, with God's Grace, within our grasp.


What do the Amish, Mormons and Orthodox Jews all have in common? They nearly exclusively trade and do business in their own communities! We must learn this behavior, imitate it and do all we can to do what Saint John Paul II exhorted us to, i.e. "sanctify the temporal sphere." We must restore trades, guilds and true solidarity . Congress delegates will meet their future trading partners and be the first place their names in the New Christendom Business & Trades Directory.

"A true craftsman knows he has been entrusted with something to do. For others. There is something to get done, something bigger than him, something that requires his care-full, rational attention to get it done right. There are certain ways of achieving certain ends, which he must learn and conform himself to. He must look to the good of his work and those for whom he works. If he is to be a craftsman.

This is at the heart of the human: rational practice in service of amazingly great goods. In service of what is beautiful. How to do these practices has been discovered and passed down over countless generations, by the masters, by the wise. Such is the case from end to end of human life: in crafting things in wood, stone, or other material; in crafting the flourishing of earth, plants, and animals; and in crafting human life itself."

- John Cuddleback-To Be or Not To Be A Craftsman

What Others CRUSADERS Say


"We have reached a time and may well be beyond a time for us to decide who we will be as a people. To be more frank Christians (Catholics and Protestants alike) need to decide. Ezekiel 33 speaks of a watchman to warn the people of the sword coming upon the land. I believe we are here for such a time as this. The question is will we blow the trumpet and warn the people? It goes on to say in verse eight if the watchman does not warn the “wicked man” then his blood will be on the watchman’s hand. Once you have been convicted of truth it then requires action! I do not know what that action is just yet. I do know we need to blow the trumpet louder than ever before!"

Kenny S.

Southern Command


"We need a list or directory of businesses...I think such a resource would benefit your listeners and potentially grow your audience and/or your advertising. I am not a marketing or advertising professional. I am just a small business owner concerned about preserving the small and local against the big and tyrannical. Given the horrors of the past year, there are many people like me who would be happy to have a guide to help us spend our money where it will withdraw consent from the corporations that have gone all in on tyranny.

Joy McConnell



The purpose of this meeting is not to sit around all day and listen to a schedule of speakers; shop the vendor tables and then attend a pancake dinner. The purpose of this Congress is ACTION! To unite men and women of Good Will to the cause of building the new Mainstream we wish to live in...a New Christendom!

Mike Church


Why Christian Men of Good Will Become CRUSADER Knights

"We can hoard our treasure, we can bury our talent in the ground like the man in the parable who thought that his master was an austere man and who feared to take risks. Or, on the other hand, we can choose the difficult and hazardous way of creative spiritual activity, which is the way of the saints." - Christopher Dawson

Mike Church

Mike Church is the most aggressive yet charming promoter of using radio and TV media to restore Christian Order and promote God, Family and Country, on daily talk-radio & TV, in the U.S. today. Using his razor sharp wit and broadcast skills honed through 26 years in the business, there's simply no other voice as unique and effective as Mike's in all of broadcasting.

Sign up now!

and join patriots from all walks of life in finally talking a stand FOR the society we want to raise our families & work in!

Queens are Welcome!

Every good King needs a great queen!

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