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2022 CONGRESS – The Fellowship Of The Clans – Recap Part I

My fellow Kings and Countesses,
Thanks for attending the 2022 Fellowship Of The Clans CRUSADER Congress in Grand Coteau, Louisiana! The attendance this year was nearly twice what it was for 2021’s Upon These Rocks inaugural Congress and a big part of that was the beautiful wives and children who attended this year. This year’s event was truly a 4 day event with the opening being the Jambalaya Party held at the Mayor of Dusonia’s home in…you guessed it, Duson Louisiana! This first update will be divided into 3 sections:
  • I. Housekeeping, business
  • II. A brief recap of the establishment of the Regions, election of leaders and action items
  • III. My Executive Summary
I. Maggie and I brought an entire car-load of bottled water, coffee & coffee fixin’s, soft drinks and snacks with us, this supply didn’t make it past mid-day on Saturday. In all we had to make 5 extra trips to restock each of these. The tab for these extra expenses was well over $500. Please consider making a donation in any amount to defray the costs The CRUSADE Channel incurred and ‘membah, we priced the Congress tickets to maximize attendance, NOT profits. Click here for the Debt Service page in the FTP Store.
We arranged to have 1 case of Carrie Gress’s Theology of Home sent to Carrie so she could autograph them all for CONGRESS attendees. These books did NOT go on sale for the general public so attendees would have first crack at the book. We still have PLENTY of these signed copies available, if you don’t own the book, you can purchase these rare, signed copies here.
II. The Fellowship of The Regions.
First, behold the Regions as ratified by the Congress with their Capitols.
DIXIE – The Capitol of Dixie is Acadiana, it’s first elected leader is “Baron Koch”. The principle Trade of the Region is FFF Farming, Fishing & Forestry and our icon is the Fleur de Lis. Dixie’s system of “government” is a Royal Confederacy that contains a panel of “Barons”. To be qualified as a Baron, you must have had at least 3 previous generations of private landowners IN the Dixie Region.
Middle Ocean – The Capitol of Middle Ocean is Union, Kentucky. It’s first elected leader is Chancellor [Keith] Jones. Middle Ocean’s system of “government” is a panel of Judges.
The Great North – The Capitol of The Great North is Middlebury, Indiana. Its first elected leader is The A-Aaronia. The Flag of The Great North is a Marian based flag, we are waiting for an artist from The Great North to render it for us and will post it then. The Great North’s choice of “government” is Monarchy.
The breakout Congresses in the Regions were great for building up individual systems of Rule of Law and for choosing leadership under that rule. By mid-day Saturday there were healthy rivalries brewing up between the Regions which showed the rich diversity in land, trades and productions of so many Regions across this continent and citizen’s passion and pride in those distinctions: the building blocks of the practical cultures of New Christendom.
Since David Simpson is the Co-Conspirator behind these Congresses and the effort in General I will use his followup from this morning as part of the Summary.

I thought a few follow-up notes to my speech might be in order as you ruminate on this past weekend.

First, the Declaration was simply my attempt to have you consider the power that you possess as a moral agent, a free man with duties and rights flowing from the Creator Himself. Something akin to what St. Paul mentions in his letter to the Romans:
“For not the hearers of the law are just before God, but the doers of the law shall be justified. [14] For when the Gentiles, who have not the law, do by nature those things that are of the law; these having not the law are a law to themselves:”
Second, we are not rebels, but citizens. However, our “citizenship” extends to both this world and the world to come. Thus, our duties and rights must be exercised with both “worlds” in mind, and all our actions should coincide with the law of God first. “We must obey God, rather than men.” It is perplexing to try to be detached from this world, while still doing what is necessary to be moral in this life. Perhaps our path can be summed up as “Seeking and doing what is right, here and now, so that eternity is just a continuation of our way of life!”
Third, the litmus test was intended to challenge the egalitarian and pseudo-democratic spirit of our age. It would be wrong to say that a “strong, authoritarian governance” is the ONLY proper one for mankind on earth, but we can say that our initial society, the family, is founded upon that very concept (a benevolent authority as leader and care-taker of his fold) and that all subsequent, organizational elements of society would do well to mimic what God put in nature, in the family.
Finally, I think we all know that there will be no utopia on earth. The best we can hope for is to aspire to something like the Christendom we lost. But, I offer this simple “cure” for the trials and dilemmas facing us today:
1. Frequent communion; and
2. Devotion to Mary.
God bless you and the fellowship of the clans. I am proud to be associated with so fine a group.


Declaration of Utter Dependence

David is being modest.

His “Declaration” made many a man misty eyed and, per Jefferson’s description of John Adams’ advocacy of the original Declaration on 1 July, 1776 “…was our Colossus of Independence… he moved us from our seats”!

I’m going to share it on my Substack later today and on today’s Mike Church Show because men need grounded direction in a world aligned against Reason and Reality. David’s followup is also worth drawing from! Today’s quote of the day in my Pile of Prep reminds us of all this and who must wrestle and conquer the beast “eating out our sustenance…to reduce them under absolute Despotism”!

Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.” – G. Michael Hopf, Those Who Remain

The diabolical, challenging events of Saturday morning forged the Fellowship Of The Clans in ways no number of speeches, conferences or even Congresses ever could and for that we should all be thankful. There was a CRUSADER Knight, Christian Humility that was at work there and it carried on through Sunday’s spectacular Barbecue of The Clans and final Congress. Let us continue all of these efforts including forming those sub-regional Signal messaging groups; forming those Fellowships/Guilds/Associations and considering David’s Declaration of Utter Dependence that I will be posting and sending out in Part II of the Recap of The Fellowship Of The Clans.

Please continue Populating The New Christendom Trade & Business Directory, located here.

There is much more work to be done but the 2022 Fellowship Of The Clans will be remembered, I firmly believe, as a signal, truly Masculine event in the quest for New Christendom!
Our Lady of Walsingham, ora pro nobis!

The CRUSADER Knight Investment Club!

Our investment club is seeking 100 Crusaders to invest $5,000 each so we will have $500,000 as seed money for our great undertaking. I have stated that we WILL LAUNCH the investment club if we get to half of that goal, 50 contributors.  As of tonight, we stand at 43!!! Seven more and we will launch the club.  If you know any Crusaders who might want to join us, please pass along some information to them.  Perhaps, my speech at the Crusader Congress would give them some insight on what we intend.  That speech is here.

The first thing to address is how the money will be “invested”.  I have attached the “purpose statement” of the club, what we will be seeking and how we will go about it.  This is a short document, so I will flesh out more specifics now.  There will be 4 areas where the money will be put to use.

  • 10% of the fund ($50k if we reach the total of $500k) will be invested in much the same way you currently invest, that is in market assets, mutual funds, stocks, bonds etc. and seeking long-term growth of capital.
  • 10% of the fund will be held in cash with the intention of making micro-loans, probably no more than $10k to any one CLUB MEMBER, in a non-usurious manner, but which will make our “cash” productive.
  • 20% of the fund will be held in hard currency, gold and silver bullion, utilizing the “swapping” idea that Franklin Sanders advocates.
  • 60% of the fund will be managed by our own “shark tank” board,  who will review applications by members for investment (or loans) to help START (or enhance) a CRUSADER ENTERPRISE.

The investment club fund will be managed by me, in conjunction with the other board members.

In future emails, I will discuss further each individual segment of the fund, the person or board that will oversee those areas, the fees associated with management and who will receive those fees.    There is still much work to be done, like setting up the legal entity that will house the Crusader Investment Club, but since we are so close to the minimum “launch” number, I thought I would make this initial announcement.  While I have no set time to have the Investment Club active, it appears it will be sooner rather than later.  In short, stay tuned….